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Does Soda Cause Cavities?

Cavities are generally caused by the presence of bad bacteria in the mouth. They can also be caused by the foods and drinks that we consume. Soda, most definitely, can contribute to the development of caries. This is because soda is very acidic, and cavities can develop from low (acidic) pH levels. This is why… Read more »

What is the Mouth-Body Connection?

Did you know that those with good oral health may have better overall health? How so? Well, studies suggest that patients with periodontitis (which is untreated gingivitis that transitions into ongoing inflammation ) may be at higher risk for heart disease and stroke. Pregnant women with gum disease may be more prone to pregnancy diabetes,… Read more »

Five Tips to Keep Your Baby’s Mouth Healthy

Use Fluoride to strengthen your baby’s teeth. You may need to find out if your drinking water, whether well water, tap or bottled, is adequately fluoridated.   Clean your baby’s teeth. Begin cleaning your baby’s teeth once they come in. Use a soft cloth or baby toothbrush. Around age 2, it is okay to begin… Read more »

When to Seek TMJ Treatment

One of the things we look for during your preventive care checkups is jaw joint function. Many patients are aware that they are suffering from discomfort but do not necessarily know that their symptoms are associated with their jaws or that we can typically offer effective, non-invasive treatment. For individuals who suffer from discomfort surrounding… Read more »

Bruxism Basics

Has anyone every told you that they can hear you grinding your teeth together? Do you find that your jaw feels sore or that you have a mild headache in the morning? During your preventive dental checkups, we will thoroughly examine your oral cavity and ask a series of questions to find out if you… Read more »

Exploring the Causes of Toothaches

A toothache, by definition, is pain or discomfort within a tooth and/or its surrounding structures. The pain can range from minor, resolving on its own, to serious enough that you may require emergency dental care. Unfortunately, dental pain has many triggers, and the causes of toothaches are numerous. Any extreme pain (especially while eating and… Read more »