FAQs: Dental Sealants for Kids

boy smiling with dental sealantsEvery parent wants to do their best to keep their children happy, healthy, and protect them from harm. Preventive health and dental care visits provide a chance to catch and treat any concerns before they become serious. During your child’s routine examination, your dentist may suggest the application of dental sealants on their hard to reach teeth. This is a common, preventive care measure, performed on children as soon as their adult chewing teeth erupt. Through the application of this clear protective barrier, your child’s teeth can have excellent protection against plaque and cavities for several years. (more…)

Exploring the Causes of Toothaches

treating the causes of toothachesA toothache, by definition, is pain or discomfort within a tooth and/or its surrounding structures. The pain can range from minor, resolving on its own, to serious enough that you may require emergency dental care. Unfortunately, dental pain has many triggers, and the causes of toothaches are numerous. Any extreme pain (especially while eating and drinking), sensitivity, throbbing, or swelling in your mouth is not considered normal. If you experience it, then you should visit your dentist as soon as possible to find out what’s wrong, and address it. (more…)

How To Regain Confidence With Missing Teeth

man with missing teethWhen meeting new people, often your smile is the first or second characteristic they will notice. It is not unusual for people to feel extremely self-conscious about their smile, especially if they have noticeably missing teeth. Luckily, modern dentistry has created some excellent techniques to replace permanent teeth that have been lost due to injury or disease. Your restorative dentistry professional can help you decide which option is the best choice according to your dental needs. (more…)

Interesting Facts About Implant Supported Dentures

implant supported denturesWhen you think about dentures, you may envision messy adhesive being slathered onto them and wonder how well they really stay in place. Unfortunately, many of them do not stay in place as well as you’d wish, and can cause issues when sliding around on your sensitive gum tissue. To avoid these complications, we recommend implant supported dentures that rest on a stable base, and have a more lifelike quality. This type of restoration can be made to support a full mouth denture or a bridge that replaces a few missing teeth. (more…)

FAQ About Bad Breath

woman learning about bad breathBad breath, also called halitosis, is one of the more difficult hygiene issues to hide, and everyone will experience it at some point. But, sometimes it seems like no matter what you do, the smell just never leaves. You avoid standing too close when talking to people, and it may even cause you to have low self-esteem issues. By learning more about bad breath and its causes, you can prevent uncomfortable social situations and be proactive about your oral health. (more…)

What Does Sleep Apnea Have to do With Dentistry?

sleep apnea applianceSleep apnea is a sleep order that can cause snoring and other problems, which can begin to affect your health if the disorder is not treated. If you experience this condition, you can go to a sleep specialist for help and proper diagnosis. But, did you know that you can also talk to your dentist about this condition? Treatment can involve an oral appliance as a treatment option, and a dentist can prescribe it for you if needed. If you have sleep apnea, schedule an appointment with us so that we can discuss a treatment option. (more…)

The Preventive Care Philosophy

woman with good preventive careMost dental problems can be fixed, or at least maintained, with certain treatments. Imagine if there was something you could do to avoid the hassle and frustration of dealing with oral health complications. Fortunately, there is something you can do! Practicing routine preventive care is the most essential step you can take to maintain good oral health, and combat oral disease. Good oral health begins at home and should be accompanied by routine visits to your dentist as often as recommended. (more…)

Treating TMJ Disorders

man needs treatment for tmj disorderSome sufferers of TMJ disorders (or TMD) are completely unaware of their condition because they have become accustomed to being in pain. It had long been thought that jaw pain is a direct result of stress and clenching your teeth, or bruxism. In some aspects this is correct, but there are now many known factors that can lead to jaw joint problems. Treatments for TMJ disorders are highly dependent on the cause and severity of your pain.  (more…)

Quiz: Jaw Pain and TMJ Disorder

quiz jaw pain tmdMany people experience random jaw pain at some point, and pay little attention to it. Usually it is not cause for concern. However, chronic, agonizing jaw pain can be indicative of a common joint disorder known as TMD, or Temporomandibular joint disorder. TMD affects your temporomandibular joints (TMJ) that control all of your jaw movement, and the treatments are just as varied as its symptoms. (more…)

Dental Bridges: Bridging the Gap to Happiness

dental bridge illustrationDental bridges are literally used to bridge the gap between missing teeth. The use of dental bridges is not new; in fact, the practice dates back for centuries. Some civilizations were found to have used dental bridges as a symbol of status, and would adorn them in gold and jewels. Today, modern medicine has improved upon an ancient idea to create a natural-looking option for replacing missing teeth.   (more…)