Learn to Prevent the Causes of Tooth Loss

preserving your smile with good hygieneWhen it comes to preventing and treating dental health issues, your best bet lies in understanding their causes, and addressing them at their roots. In most cases, tooth loss is the result of a dental infection, like gum disease or extreme tooth decay. Therefore, preserving your smile could simply mean protecting it from such issues. To better your chances of keeping your healthy, natural smile for life, we explore the common causes of tooth loss, and how to prevent them with good hygiene and regular dental care. (more…)

Do You Exhibit Symptoms of Gum Disease?

checking for symptoms of gum diseaseFor the most part, caring for your smile is a routine deal; you brush and floss your teeth at least a couple of times a day, and you visit the dentist as often as you’re recommended to. Sometimes, however, taking good care of your smile means acting quickly when you notice signs that something is wrong. When you notice the symptoms of gum disease, quick action could mean the difference between eliminating the disease, or controlling it because it’s progressed too far to reverse it. (more…)

Your Smile vs. Cavities—How to Prevent Tooth Decay

how to prevent tooth decayOut of the many threats that your dental health faces every day, cavities are the most common. Because your teeth can’t self-repair the holes, they may also be the most worrisome. Fortunately, although it affects the majority of adults in at least one of their teeth, the tooth decay that causes cavities is highly preventable with the right level of care and consistently-good hygiene. To explain how to prevent tooth decay and save your healthy smile, we explore the common causes of cavities and how to fight them. (more…)

Questions About Dentistry and Oral-Systemic Health

man worried about oral-systemic healthAlthough it focuses on your mouth and oral structures, dentistry is about more than just maintaining a clean and beautiful smile. As experts have known for quite some time, the state of your oral health can have a long-lasting effect on other vital systems, including your cardiovascular health, respiratory system, immune system, and more. With what we now know about dentistry and the impacts of oral-systemic health, good hygiene is no longer a suggestion, but a necessity for reducing your risks of a variety of other chronic health conditions. (more…)

Jaw Functions and TMJ Disorder

woman suffering from tmj disorderIf you’ve ever felt or closely observed your jaw as you open and close your mouth, then you may have realized that it’s controlled by two joints on either side of your face. Known as temporomandibular joints (TMJs), they’re combination hinge-and-sliding joints that work simultaneously to power your jaw’s movement. TMJ disorder, or TMD, describes a dysfunction with your jaw’s joints that could lead to severe, chronic discomfort throughout your jaw, face, mouth, head, ears, neck, and shoulders. (more…)

The Best Tips for Better Dental Hygiene

better dental hygieneDental hygiene is your own way of practicing preventive dentistry on a daily basis to ward off tooth decay and gum disease, among other things. If you don’t keep it up to par, then your teeth, gums, and general oral health can fall victim to any number of dental health issues. So how do you know if your dental hygiene is working? The best way is to attend a dental checkup and cleaning as often as your dentist recommends, and to make sure you keep your teeth as clean and safe as possible with better dental hygiene practices. (more…)

What Can Dental Implants Do?

older woman with dental implants eating an appleNot all replacement teeth are the same. Some are designed for a single lost tooth (like a dental bridge), while others are equipped to rebuild your smile after severe or total tooth loss (like partial and full dentures). What they all share, however, is the need for a support system that mimics your lost teeth roots as closely as the restoration mimics their crowns.  That’s where dental implants come in. (more…)

3 Reasons Why We Recommend Tooth-Colored Fillings

woman smiling healthy teethEven if the main goal of your dental treatment is to restore a tooth, aesthetics (visual appeal) still plays a big role in maintaining your smile. If you’ve ever had a cavity treated with a metal filling, and you see it every time you smile or brush your teeth in the mirror, you might already understand. Fortunately, today’s dental fillings don’t have to be crafted from metal, and are often made from innovative composite resin, instead. Dubbed tooth-colored fillings, restorations made from resin offer a few advantages over their metal predecessors, which is why we typically recommend them to patients with mild to moderate cavities. (more…)

Making Family Dentistry More Comfortable

comfortable familyIf you aren’t really comfortable visiting the dentist’s office, you’ll be less likely to visit as often as you should, which can raise your risks of developing a serious dental issue. At our Fuquay Varina family dentist’s office, our entire approach to dental care is centered on you, the patient, and making you as comfortable as you are confident in the dental care we provide. (more…)

Why Grinding Your Teeth Should Concern You

woman with sensitive toothYour teeth are pretty formidable. Usually, they can adequately withstand the forces of biting and chewing your food several times every day, as well as the scrubbing of your toothbrush and floss. However, strong though they are, your teeth aren’t indestructible, and when forced against each other with nothing between them, your teeth can wear themselves down significantly. Grinding teeth is a serious concern for many patients, and if you exhibit the symptoms, then we recommend seeking dental treatment as soon as possible.   (more…)