Whitening a Single Dark Tooth

What if you have just one front tooth that is gray or dark yellow, but all of your other teeth are white. What, if anything, can be done to lighten that solo tooth? This is a question that patients pose to us, from time to time, in our office.

The most conservative option would be to use a whitening treatment. This works well for teeth that, due to trauma, may have darkened in color. Your dentist will fabricate whitening trays, and you begin the process by applying the whitening gel to only the dark tooth. That tooth will gradually lighten and reach a tooth shade that is comparable to that of the adjacent teeth. At that point, you may choose to apply the whitening gel to all of the front teeth to whiten your entire smile. (more…)

Does Charcoal Whitening Work?

You may have recently observed a lot of discussion on the internet about brushing and whitening teeth using charcoal products. Over the past year, we have had many patients inquire about the effectiveness and safety of using charcoal on their teeth.

History shows that many years ago, ancient Romans used charcoal powder in making a paste to clean their teeth.  It was used in the 19th century as well. Currently, charcoal is showing a resurgence in popularity as a dental aid. The most common forms are charcoal toothpaste or a charcoal powder into which a wet toothbrush is dipped.


What is TMJ?

Very often, patients present to our office complaining of TMJ while pointing  to their joint area.  TMJ is actually just an acronym for the  temporomandibular joint, which everyone has.  This joint is what connects your upper and lower jaws. And the muscles around the joint enable you to open and close your mouth.

The term Temporomandibular Joint Disorder or TMD is what you may have if you experience problems with your TMJ such as pain when opening or chewing, earaches, stiff and sore joint muscles or “lockjaw”.  TMD can be the result of grinding or clenching of the teeth, facial trauma, arthritis, and misalignment of the teeth and of the upper and lower jaws. (more…)

What Can I Do About My Gummy Smile?

In our office we ask patients what is the one thing they would change about their smile if they could.  While many of our patients express that they would like to have whiter teeth or straighter teeth, there are also a fair number of patients who mention wanting to address their “gummy” smile.  When they smile, they feel  they show  more gum tissue and less tooth than is considered ideal.   The gum  tissue above their upper teeth is very noticeable.  For some, this causes a lack of confidence and can inhibit them from smiling. (more…)

Can Wisdom Teeth Make My Other Teeth Crooked?

This is an age old question that is often posed to us by our patients. Many patients understand that the wisdom teeth often erupt into the mouth in a less than ideal position. Sometimes this can cause them to tilt towards the teeth in front of them. If often seems that the time period during which they erupt (late teens to early and mid twenties), coincides with crowding of the lower front teeth. While both of these things might occur around the same rough time frame, one does not necessarily cause the other.


Soft Tissue Dental Laser at Waterstone


Our mission at Waterstone Family Dentistry is to remain innovative and to embrace new technology that can enhance the patient experience at our office. The use of a dental laser allows us to make certain procedures faster, smoother, and more efficient. And who wouldn’t want that?

While many people are becoming more accustomed to having a laser used on them during medical procedures such as those performed by an opthamologist or dermatologist or even their family practitioner, they may not be aware that there are more and more procedures that their dentist can now do with a laser as well. (more…)

OraVerse: Reverse Numbness After Dental Work

What is OraVerse?

You have probably been to the dentist and had treatment done and wished that you didn’t have to spend the next few hours feeling numb.  It can be hard to smile, speak, and drink while you are still numb, and it is sometimes an inconvenience if you are headed to work or school or elsewhere. And it can be uncomfortable to feel that your face and lips are swollen.   Well, there is now a way to speed up the reversal of the numbness. Oraverse is an FDA approved local anesthetic reversal agent that brings back normal sensation in about half the time it would take for the anesthetic to wear off naturally.


Why Do Some Kid’s Teeth Look Yellow?

In our office, one of the most frequent concerns from parents is about the yellow color of their children’s teeth. They want to know why their kid’s teeth appear yellow. We expect young people to have nice white, bright teeth.

It is helpful to assess the child’s home care regimen. If your child does not have good oral hygiene and does not brush adequately, plaque can build up on the teeth, causing them to look darker.  For some kids, a spin brush can help keep their teeth cleaner, as the spin brush oscillates and can be more effective in removing plaque. (more…)

Sparkling Water: Is It Safe For Your Teeth

sparkling waterMost people are aware that carbonated drinks, like soda, are not the healthiest choice of beverage when it comes to the teeth. They contain acid which can wear away tooth enamel and cause decay. And the large amounts of sugar that are added to soda also contribute to decay.  It is best to consume soda in moderation and to use a straw when doing so, which minimizes contact with the teeth.