What is the Mouth-Body Connection?

mouth-body-connectionDid you know that those with good oral health may have better overall health? How so? Well, studies suggest that patients with periodontitis (which is untreated gingivitis that transitions into ongoing inflammation ) may be at higher risk for heart disease and stroke.

Pregnant women with gum disease may be more prone to pregnancy diabetes, premature birth, and low birth weight babies.

People with diabetes, HIV and those who smoke, have a greater risk of developing periodontal disease. (more…)

Five Tips to Keep Your Baby’s Mouth Healthy

baby-visit-dentistUse Fluoride to strengthen your baby’s teeth.

You may need to find out if your drinking water, whether well water, tap or bottled, is adequately fluoridated.


Clean your baby’s teeth.

Begin cleaning your baby’s teeth once they come in. Use a soft cloth or baby toothbrush. Around age 2, it is okay to begin using a pea size drop of toothpaste.


Why Use an Electric Toothbrush?

why-use-electric-toothbrushIf you don’t brush properly, plaque can be left on your teeth which can sometimes lead to gum problems and cavities. Even with instruction from your dentist and hygienist, you may still not be able to clean your teeth adequately.

Electric toothbrushes have been shown to be better at removing plaque, and where there is less plaque, there is likely to be less gum problems and less decay. These power brushes, with their rotating, spinning, and pulsating movements, do all of the work while you simply guide the toothbrush around the mouth. (more…)

Dental Bridges: A Quiz

smilingmatureblondePatients dealing with tooth loss may move through a wide range of emotions within a single day. You may first feel embarrassed by the appearance of your smile, which may negatively affect your confidence. In addition, you may come up against tasks that you once completed with ease, such as speaking or chewing, only to find that you feel challenged and frustrated. Rather than wait another moment attempting to deal with the open spaces in your mouth, we invite you to learn more about dental bridges to discover whether they may offer you the complete smile you deserve.


Root Canals to the Rescue

toothhappythumbsupWe know, you are not too thrilled to find out you need root canal treatment to save your tooth. However, we think if you knew more about this restorative solution, you may feel a bit more optimistic about having the option to rescue your tooth rather than facing a potential tooth extraction. For most patients, root canals sound displeasing because they have heard negative stories from friends or they just don’t know what to expect. We would like to clear up any misconceptions, so you feel confident about improving your oral health. Learn more with the following:


Extractions: When They Become Necessary

womanquestionmarkbrunetteWhen you visit us for a dental concern, we will thoroughly examine your mouth and move forward by considering every possible solution. Our goal is always to preserve your natural tooth. However, in specific cases when other restorative treatments will simply not save your tooth or if you are suffering from a particular type of problem that threatens surrounding teeth, we may need to remove the tooth. Before you feel too concerned, recognize that tooth extractions offer a wide array of benefits. Because we know that the more you learn about why you need your tooth removed and how it will benefit you, the more comfortable and confident you will feel, we are providing you with the details. Learn more with the following:


Downtown Art In Fuquay Varina

artwindowFancy yourself a bit of an art enthusiast? Always interested to see what your fellow community members are coming up with in the comfort of their own homes – or their art studios, for that matter? If so, do yourself a favor this weekend. Grab a friend or family member and head to downtown Fuquay Varina for an exciting art installation experience that is sure to keep individuals of all ages entertained and smiling.


Your Gum Disease FAQs

smilethumbsupYou may hear us speaking enthusiastically about your six-month visits and how dental cleanings help prevent gum disease. This does not mean, however, that you consider yourself someone who may become affected by gum inflammation. In fact, you may not really know what this disease is or why it occurs. Because preventing this problem is simple and because every single patient’s smile is vulnerable to developing periodontal disease, we encourage you to learn more about it, so you may protect your smile for many years to come.


Your Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation

smilebrunettefreesiaMaking the decision to undergo cosmetic treatment to improve the appearance of your smile is a fun yet serious move. You, of course, want to make sure you’re making the wisest decision, ensuring you achieve the results you desire. We find that patients often feel concerned about whether they will contribute to the preferences for the finished product or if we will simply take control of everything, including the design. We would like to reassure you that beautifying your smile is a collaborative process. Wondering what to expect? Learn more about your cosmetic dentistry consultation: