Feel Cool, Calm, and Collected about Composite Fillings

smilegreensweaterHave you found out that you have a cavity? Rest easy. Today’s technology provides patients with exceptional restorative care that can quickly address and repair your tooth decay. We encourage you to consider the benefits of composite fillings, which is the type of dental filling we offer our patients. While you may feel uncertain about scheduling a visit for this restorative treatment, you will feel much more confident and relaxed when you learn how advantageous it will be to your current comfort, as well as your long-term oral health and beauty.


Questions About Teeth Whitening

smilestraightliptintYou have finally decided you are ready to brighten up your smile. Whether the problem is allover discoloration, yellowing, a general lack of brightness, or stains, we offer professional teeth whitening to whiten your smile by several shades. While the end result typically sounds wonderful to patients who feel dissatisfied with the shade of their teeth, we often find that patients feel hesitant because they are uneducated about what to expect from whitening. Are you ready for this cosmetic treatment but you would like a few questions answered first? Take a stroll through the following questions – and accompanying answers – for a clearer picture of how visiting us for this service will work for you and your smile:


Porcelain Veneers: FAQs

smileglassessweaterHave you been hoping for a way to transform your entire smile? For patients suffering from aesthetic imperfections, we often suggest porcelain veneers for a smile makeover. While some patients choose veneers to treat a single concern – such as discolored teeth – this treatment addresses a wide variety of issues within only two visits. So before you give up hope that there is a treatment ready to cover all of your cosmetic needs, consider the ins-and-outs of veneers. We have answered some of the questions we hear most often from patients, so you can gain a better understanding of all that this service provides:


Enjoying Art from the Community

childhandartThe excitement of the New Year festivities is beginning to dwindle away. And while you may still be reeling with excitement about your plans for the coming months, you may also feel a bit sad to say goodbye to the holiday songs and cozy décor. Fortunately, the fun is just beginning. While you wait for Valentine’s Day to arrive, consider making a special trip to see some local art. Bundle up, invite your friends and family, and come take a look at the creativity of our very own community members of all ages.


Sedation FAQs

meditatingwomanYou may hear about sedation dentistry in advertisements, from friends, or perhaps we have brought it to your attention. While you likely have a general understanding of what sedation is all about, you may be like many of our patients who share common questions about this dental option. We invite you to look over the following FAQs to learn more about sedation and how it may improve your dental experience:


Unsettling Facts About Gum Disease

unsettling facts about gum diseaseDo your gums bleed slightly when you brush and floss your teeth? Do you right it off as nothing serious, since your teeth and gums look and feel healthy otherwise? You might not realize it by the discreet nature of its early symptoms, but gum disease is one of the most destructive (and, unfortunately, most common) dental health issues today. To help you understand the importance of good hygiene and preventive care, we examine a few of the more unsettling facts about gum disease, including its influence beyond your dental health. (more…)

All About Professional Dental Cleanings

professional dental cleaningOn average, most people visit their dentist twice a year for routine examinations and checkups. During these visits you will probably have X-rays taken of your mouth, receive a teeth cleaning from a hygienist, and discuss any concerns with your dentist. Professional dental cleanings are an essential part of your oral hygiene routine because they allow your dentist to check for any abnormalities, prescribe and perform necessary treatments, and clean any tartar buildup left behind by your toothbrush. (more…)

FAQs: Dental Sealants for Kids

boy smiling with dental sealantsEvery parent wants to do their best to keep their children happy, healthy, and protect them from harm. Preventive health and dental care visits provide a chance to catch and treat any concerns before they become serious. During your child’s routine examination, your dentist may suggest the application of dental sealants on their hard to reach teeth. This is a common, preventive care measure, performed on children as soon as their adult chewing teeth erupt. Through the application of this clear protective barrier, your child’s teeth can have excellent protection against plaque and cavities for several years. (more…)

Exploring the Causes of Toothaches

treating the causes of toothachesA toothache, by definition, is pain or discomfort within a tooth and/or its surrounding structures. The pain can range from minor, resolving on its own, to serious enough that you may require emergency dental care. Unfortunately, dental pain has many triggers, and the causes of toothaches are numerous. Any extreme pain (especially while eating and drinking), sensitivity, throbbing, or swelling in your mouth is not considered normal. If you experience it, then you should visit your dentist as soon as possible to find out what’s wrong, and address it. (more…)

How To Regain Confidence With Missing Teeth

man with missing teethWhen meeting new people, often your smile is the first or second characteristic they will notice. It is not unusual for people to feel extremely self-conscious about their smile, especially if they have noticeably missing teeth. Luckily, modern dentistry has created some excellent techniques to replace permanent teeth that have been lost due to injury or disease. Your restorative dentistry professional can help you decide which option is the best choice according to your dental needs. (more…)