Can The White Spots On My Teeth Be Fixed?


White spots, that are often observed as milky white areas on the front teeth, are generally the result of demineralized enamel.  There is a loss of minerals from the tooth structure. There may be other causes as well, which your dentist will identify during a review of your dental and medical history and upon clinical examination.


There are several methods available to manage these lesions.   One of the more conservative treatment options for these lesions would be tooth whitening.   The teeth can be whitened to a shade that enables the white spots to blend into the overall shade of the teeth, thereby making them less noticeable. The whitening can be accomplished either in office or at home.

Another option would be the use of microabrasion, whereby silicon carbide microparticles are combined with a mixture of hydrochloric acid and rubbed onto the affected areas.   This gentle mechanical abrasion is repeated several times until the desired results are achieved. No anesthesia is needed for this procedure.

If either of these less invasive options does not bring about the desired result, your dentist would then recommend restorative treatment with a tooth colored filling.