Feel Cool, Calm, and Collected about Composite Fillings

smilegreensweaterHave you found out that you have a cavity? Rest easy. Today’s technology provides patients with exceptional restorative care that can quickly address and repair your tooth decay. We encourage you to consider the benefits of composite fillings, which is the type of dental filling we offer our patients. While you may feel uncertain about scheduling a visit for this restorative treatment, you will feel much more confident and relaxed when you learn how advantageous it will be to your current comfort, as well as your long-term oral health and beauty.

About Your Dental Filling

A filling is a treatment that restores your tooth that is suffering from tooth decay. Before we begin, we will numb your affected tooth and the area surrounding it for a comfortable treatment. We will clean out the opening in your tooth – or the cavity – getting rid of decay and debris and prepping the opening for composite. This substance, a moldable synthetic resin, will fill the opening in your tooth. Once the composite dries, we will make final adjustments so your bite feels comfortable when you close your teeth together.

What’s So Great About A Filling?

We encourage patients to consider the benefits of this treatment for a better understanding of the big picture. Once a cavity forms in your tooth, it will only continue to grow. If it becomes large enough that it provides access to your dental pulp – tissue within the deepest regions of your tooth – you may experience an infection. At this point, you will require a root canal treatment. Rather than waiting for this to happen, we suggest that patients take the easy route with a tooth filling instead.

Think of Composite as Cosmetic

Beyond the health benefits of a filling, a composite filling provides cosmetic value. Fortunately, unlike metal, we can match the material in this filling to your surrounding tooth, so it will look like you never even had a cavity.


For over 15 years, Dr. Michele Collier and the talented professionals at Waterstone Family Dentistry have provided comfortable, compassionate dental care to patients of all ages from Fuquay Varina, NC, as well as Holly Springs, Angier, Willow Springs, Raleigh, and all surrounding communities. If you’d like to learn more, you can schedule a consultation with Dr. Collier by calling (919) 557-5250 today.

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