Interesting Facts About Implant Supported Dentures

implant supported denturesWhen you think about dentures, you may envision messy adhesive being slathered onto them and wonder how well they really stay in place. Unfortunately, many of them do not stay in place as well as you’d wish, and can cause issues when sliding around on your sensitive gum tissue. To avoid these complications, we recommend implant supported dentures that rest on a stable base, and have a more lifelike quality. This type of restoration can be made to support a full mouth denture or a bridge that replaces a few missing teeth.


Compared to conventional dentures, implant supported restorations are extremely stable, and may allow you to eat a wider variety of your favorite foods. They do not slip out easily because they snap into place, but you are still able to remove them for necessary cleaning. When you have missing teeth, your jawbone tends to deteriorate in that area. By inserting implants that integrate with your bone, the natural structure of your jawbone will be better preserved.  In addition, this type of restoration is lifelike, and functions more like your natural teeth.

How It Works

It is usually a multi-visit process to complete your implant supported dentures. During the first visits, a number of implants (usually one to four) will be placed and allowed to bond with your bone to create anchors for your restoration. After healing for two to six months, it may be necessary to uncover the implants and attach abutments that will connect to your denture. During your healing time, your custom-made denture will be created in a lab to match your existing teeth or gum tissue. Once your gum tissue is completely healed, your new restoration will be snapped onto the exposed abutments and complete the process.


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