Sparkling Water: Is It Safe For Your Teeth

sparkling waterMost people are aware that carbonated drinks, like soda, are not the healthiest choice of beverage when it comes to the teeth. They contain acid which can wear away tooth enamel and cause decay. And the large amounts of sugar that are added to soda also contribute to decay.  It is best to consume soda in moderation and to use a straw when doing so, which minimizes contact with the teeth.

But what about carbonated water, sometimes called sparking water or mineral water? Sparkling water, while not having the high sugar content of soft drinks, does have a fair amount of acid which can wear away the tooth enamel.  The addition of lemons and limes to carbonated water, will further increase the amount of acid present.  And if you are consuming sparking water throughout the decay, you are prolonging the time that the acid is in contact with your teeth. So it is best, for the health of your teeth, to add pure water to your drinking regimen and to not solely drink carbonated water.