What is a BruxZir Crown?

BruxZir CrownCrowns and bridges have traditionally been made of full metal or porcelain fused to metal, both of which provide durability and strength. However, the presence of metal in the oral cavity is not esthetically pleasing to all patients. Metal crowns can sometimes cause a gray hue in the gum tissue surrounding the crown. Some patients with metal crowns experience more tooth sentitivity when eating and drinking cold and hot foods and liquids.

For patients who grind their teeth and who may be more prone to break their natural teeth or porcelain restorations, there is a new choice in crowns called BruxZir Zirconia. It is a tooth colored material, that has no porcelain fused to it, and is has proven to be much less likely to break, chip, or crack than porcelain. It is very natural looking, and blends in easily with the surrounding teeth. If you have had porcelain crowns in the past that have cracked or metal crowns that have worn on the chewing surface or that have contributed to tooth sensitivity, consider having a BruxZir Zirconia crown made as a replacement. It is a strong, esthetic alternative to traditional crown materials.

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