What is Diagnostic Wax Up?

Have you ever wondered how your smile might look like if you were to have crowns or veneers placed on your front teeth? We often have patients come into our office wanting to do a smile makeover, but feeling hesitant because it is hard for them to visualize the desired outcome. They know that crowns and veneers can fix gaps between the teeth or correct overlap of the teeth and can also cover up large, discolored fillings. But they find it hard to picture how the finished treatment will look.

Sometimes looking at before and after pictures of other patients can help in this regard. But being able to see what your own new smile could look like would be even better. And that is what we do with a diagnostic wax up. We take a mould or impression of your teeth, and the lab uses this to create a stone model of your mouth with each tooth being carved into it’s ideal shape, size, and position using white wax. You get to “preview” your new smile using a replica of your own teeth. The wax up also gives you the opportunity to let us know what you like and don’t like about the reshaped teeth and to tweak the final outcome.

You might want the teeth to look longer or a little wider than what you see on the model and we can convey this to the lab so that the final outcome matches your expectations. Using a diagnostic wax up helps us to help you to obtain your ideal smile.