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Will Nitrous Oxide Put Me To Sleep?

Unlike general anesthesia and intravenous sedation, nitrous oxide will not put you to sleep. It will, however, decrease your awareness of and sensation of what is occurring during your dental visit. Nitrous Oxide can do all of the following: reduce your anxiety level, enable you to feel more relaxed, and decrease your gag reflex. Most… Read more »

Enjoying Comfort Dentistry

If you think of dental care as something you need to suffer through, think again. We offer a variety of solutions to ensure you feel comfortable and at ease throughout your visit, whether you are simply coming to see us for a checkup, or if you require more advanced treatment. Wondering what this entails? Look… Read more »

Sedation FAQs

You may hear about sedation dentistry in advertisements, from friends, or perhaps we have brought it to your attention. While you likely have a general understanding of what sedation is all about, you may be like many of our patients who share common questions about this dental option. We invite you to look over the… Read more »