Dental Bridges: A Quiz

smilingmatureblondePatients dealing with tooth loss may move through a wide range of emotions within a single day. You may first feel embarrassed by the appearance of your smile, which may negatively affect your confidence. In addition, you may come up against tasks that you once completed with ease, such as speaking or chewing, only to find that you feel challenged and frustrated. Rather than wait another moment attempting to deal with the open spaces in your mouth, we invite you to learn more about dental bridges to discover whether they may offer you the complete smile you deserve.

Who Are Bridges For?

A dental bridge offers a teeth replacement solution to patients who are missing a single tooth or multiple teeth in a row. If you are missing teeth scattered across your arch or more than three teeth side-by-side, you will need to explore other prosthetics to address your tooth loss needs. Bridges are also fixed prosthetics, which means you will not be able to remove them from your mouth like with partial dentures.

What’s Different About A Bridge?

A dental bridge acts like what it sounds like – a bridge. It is composed of a series of artificial teeth that “bridge the gap” in your smile. Understand how the device works by first visualizing the opening in your mouth. Your open space is bordered by one natural tooth that rests on either side – these are called your “anchor” or “abutment” teeth. On either end of your dental bridge is a dental crown, which we will cement over each anchor tooth for support. To fill your opening, the rest of the bridge is made up of artificial teeth called pontics. The finished result? A complete smile.

Will It Look Natural?

Your bridge will look beautiful and natural. We will color-match the artificial teeth in your bridge to match the remaining natural teeth in your smile for a seamless approach. In addition to enjoying its lifelike quality, it will allow you to function quite naturally, too. You can expect to chew more comfortably and to speak with ease again.


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