How Sleep Apnea Affects Your Relationship

sleepapneacouplePeople who snore loudly and suffer from sleep apnea typically suffer from a wide variety of frustrating side effects, like daily fatigue. However, one of the reasons we ask questions during dental checkups regarding your daily comfort and nightly sleeping patterns is because you are not the only person affected by this disorder. The person sleeping next to you – your significant other – he or she is likely experiencing a wide array of similar side effects. While we certainly encourage you to consider treatment to improve your daily life, you may find that improving your nightly breathing will also protect your relationship. Wondering about the details? Consider the following and seek treatment if you identify:

Your Significant Other Is Exhausted

You’re tired every day. You snore loudly and your significant other has commented about how frustrating it is. However, you notice that even when you feel like you’ve been getting enough sleep, you feel fatigued during the day. Your other half insists that you wake up during the night – several times – gasping for air. Rather than assuming this is an exaggeration, listen for this detail and seek sleep apnea treatment right away, so you can both achieve solid sleep.

You’re Arguing About Your Moodiness

Does your sweetheart keep insisting that you are extremely moody? Have you noticed that you’re having trouble maintaining a positive outlook and feel irritable but don’t want to admit it because you aren’t quite sure what the problem is? If you are losing sleep on a nightly basis, you’re probably sleep deprived and prone to mood swings. If your significant other has been waking up with you all night, chances are, you’re both going to be dealing with mood issues until you seek sleep apnea treatment.

You Cannot Concentrate

Does your significant other ask how you could possibly have trouble concentrating long enough to complete simple tasks? Are you finding that you’re not attentive like you usually are and this issue is causing problems in your relationship? Poor ability to concentrate is another red flag. Speak with us right away so we can help get your sleep – and your relationship – back on track.


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