OraVerse: Reverse Numbness After Dental Work

What is OraVerse?

You have probably been to the dentist and had treatment done and wished that you didn’t have to spend the next few hours feeling numb.  It can be hard to smile, speak, and drink while you are still numb, and it is sometimes an inconvenience if you are headed to work or school or elsewhere. And it can be uncomfortable to feel that your face and lips are swollen.   Well, there is now a way to speed up the reversal of the numbness. Oraverse is an FDA approved local anesthetic reversal agent that brings back normal sensation in about half the time it would take for the anesthetic to wear off naturally.


How Does It Work?

OraVerse is administered right after your dental work is completed in the same spot where you had your initial injection. You won’t feel anything because you’ll still be numb at that site. Instead of having lingering numbness for two or more hours, your anesthesia will generally wear off in thirty minutes to an hour.


Who Can Get?

Patients receiving fillings, crowns and other restorative treatment are good candidates for OraVerse. Healthy adults with no history of heart disease or coronary artery disease can safely receive it. Also children six and over who weigh at least 33 pounds can use it as well.   So if you’d rather not spend a good portion of your day being numb, ask us about OraVerse.