The Preventive Care Philosophy

woman with good preventive careMost dental problems can be fixed, or at least maintained, with certain treatments. Imagine if there was something you could do to avoid the hassle and frustration of dealing with oral health complications. Fortunately, there is something you can do! Practicing routine preventive care is the most essential step you can take to maintain good oral health, and combat oral disease. Good oral health begins at home and should be accompanied by routine visits to your dentist as often as recommended.

Types of Preventive Care

Beginning at a young age, children should be taught the importance of taking good care of their teeth, and creating healthy habits for years to come. Brushing and flossing your teeth daily should become second nature, almost as if you cannot function without doing it. This assists your teeth in staying resilient, and preventing tooth decay. Most dentists recommend routine visits at least twice a year, but you should schedule an examination as often as necessary. During these visits, your teeth and gums will be cleaned in places that your toothbrush cannot reach, and your dentist will also check for signs of disease or decay. Also, maintain a nutritious, balanced diet to ensure your teeth receive all the important nutrients they require to stay healthy and prevent disease.

Preventive Care Actually Saves You Money!

When you take care of your teeth today, you are taking care of them for the future. Prevention is key when it comes to oral health; and when not practiced consistently, you may find yourself facing many more dental visits and overwhelming restoration costs. Preventive care is designed to detect and eliminate oral health concerns before they require major treatment. By following your dentist’s recommendations, you can actually avoid paying more for your health in the long run.


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