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Can Wisdom Teeth Make My Other Teeth Crooked?

This is an age old question that is often posed to us by our patients. Many patients understand that the wisdom teeth often erupt into the mouth in a less than ideal position. Sometimes this can cause them to tilt towards the teeth in front of them. If often seems that the time period during… Read more »

Soft Tissue Dental Laser at Waterstone

WE ARE PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE THAT WE HAVE INCORPORATED A LASER INTO OUR PRACTICE. Our mission at Waterstone Family Dentistry is to remain innovative and to embrace new technology that can enhance the patient experience at our office. The use of a dental laser allows us to make certain procedures faster, smoother, and more efficient…. Read more »

Dental Treatment During Pregnancy

Why Visit the Dentist While Pregnant? It is important to not neglect your oral health when you are expecting. While some women may delay going to the dentist until after the birth of their baby, it is important to maintain a clean oral cavity during pregnancy. There are several reasons for this.   It is known… Read more »

Do I Really Need X-Rays Once a Year?

Some patients wonder why yearly dental radiographs are necessary, particularly when they may have never had any oral health issues. For a dental examination to be complete and comprehensive, a clinical evaluation must be combined with dental radiographs. Many oral conditions can be missed when radiographs are not taken. These include cavities, cysts, abscessed teeth,… Read more »

When to Seek TMJ Treatment

One of the things we look for during your preventive care checkups is jaw joint function. Many patients are aware that they are suffering from discomfort but do not necessarily know that their symptoms are associated with their jaws or that we can typically offer effective, non-invasive treatment. For individuals who suffer from discomfort surrounding… Read more »

Better Brushing Habits for a Clean Smile

We consistently try to reinforce the idea of preventive dentistry with our patients because it is the best way to maintain a healthy smile. Rather than allowing problems to occur, which will require costly and time-consuming restorative care, prevention allows us to help you avoid problems from ever developing. While scheduling six-month visits for dental cleanings… Read more »