Tools for Healthy, Beautiful Teeth

dental hygiene tool setThe things you need to keep your teeth clean and healthy aren’t a mystery; toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, and if you prefer (or need it), mouthwash. How effective these things are, however, depends on a few not-so-obvious factors, such as what they’re made out of and how you use them. To help you maximize the tools you use for maintaining healthy teeth, we offer a brief guide on how to optimize their potential for reducing your risks of dental health issues.

What to Keep at Your Bathroom Sink

The Toothbrush

Your toothbrush is responsible for cleaning the most real estate on your teeth, and could therefore be considered the most important. To make sure it effectively cleans your teeth without damaging the outer layer of enamel, brush gently with a toothbrush made of soft nylon bristles, and that has the American Dental Association (ADA) Seal of Acceptance stamped on its package.

The Toothpaste

Most toothpaste brands contain similar ingredients, though some contain a few extras to boost your teeth’s strength, fight stains, and/or freshen your breath longer. Be sure your toothpaste also displays an ADA Seal of Acceptance, and that it contains fluoride, which binds to and strengthens tooth enamel.

The Dental Floss

Dental floss comes in a variety of flavors, materials (i.e., wax, thread, etc.), and containers, and the best kind may depend on your exact dental health needs. Choose a floss that glides smoothly between your teeth, and if you prefer, one with a flavorful taste for a more pleasurable flossing experience. If you have difficulty wrapping floss around your fingers, choose a floss holder that keeps the floss extended for you.

The Mouthwash

Like toothpaste, mouthwash brands also contain many of the same ingredients, but many are tailored to patients’ specific needs. Some over-the-counter brands can help keep your breath fresh for longer, or provide additional protection against bacterial plaque buildup. If your teeth or gums are at risk of developing a disease, like cavities or gum disease, then we may prescribe a stronger mouthwash to combat or reverse the condition.


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