Why Grinding Your Teeth Should Concern You

woman with sensitive toothYour teeth are pretty formidable. Usually, they can adequately withstand the forces of biting and chewing your food several times every day, as well as the scrubbing of your toothbrush and floss. However, strong though they are, your teeth aren’t indestructible, and when forced against each other with nothing between them, your teeth can wear themselves down significantly. Grinding teeth is a serious concern for many patients, and if you exhibit the symptoms, then we recommend seeking dental treatment as soon as possible.  

Introducing Bruxism

If you only grind your teeth when you’re stressed, angry, or nervous, then there might not be too much to worry about (unless you’re constantly stressed, angry, or nervous). For many people, though, it’s more than a nervous habit; it’s a persistent condition, and one that can cause severe oral health issues if not addressed. Bruxism often occurs while the patient is asleep, and you might not realize that you do it, though you might suspect bruxism if you exhibit any of the signs, such as;

  • Extreme wear on your teeth’s chewing surfaces
  • Tooth sensitivity, especially after waking in the morning
  • Sore, tender jaw and facial muscles
  • Grinding noises when you sleep (typically noticed by a sleeping partner)
  • Dull, but persistent, headaches
  • Trauma to the inside of your cheek (from the constant chewing and grinding motions)

How to Stop Teeth Grinding

If you allow it to continue unabated, bruxism will eventually cause irreversible damage to your teeth, and can exhaust or damage your jaw’s joints from the undue pressure. Fortunately, treating bruxism isn’t typically difficult. If it’s caused by a bite imbalance, such as crooked teeth, then correcting your bite’s alignment can alleviate the symptoms and your risks of dental damage. You might also benefit from a custom-designed mouthguard that will protect your teeth from grinding against each other while you sleep.


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