Compelling Reasons to Schedule Your Dental Checkups

smilepointingYou may wonder why you need to schedule a dental checkup once every six months. After all, you keep a good watch on your mouth and can recognize when something doesn’t feel quite right. While we understand that you can probably think up a long list of more enjoyable things to schedule for your daily calendar, we suggest twice annual checkups for good reason. So before you decide to skip a preventive visit or two, we encourage you to learn more about some very important reasons to see us a couple times a year for a thorough examination:

You May Have Trouble Making Sense of Symptoms

Does your jaw hurt? Do you suffer from lingering headaches? Perhaps you are feeling exhausted during the day even though you feel certain you are sleeping soundly through the night. While you may assume only one or two of these symptoms match up with oral health issues, they are actually all common concerns that we can often treat with noninvasive solutions. Whether you suffer from bruxism (teeth-grinding), TMD (jaw joint problems), or even sleep apnea, our professional knowledge permits us to connect your daily discomfort with the underlying concerns, so we can guide you back to comfort and long-term health.

Our Technology Allows Us to Detect Problems Early

By the time your mouth has a bump in it or hurts, you may already require restorative care. An issue, such as oral cancer, may have already progressed far past its early easy-to-treat stages. Rather than waiting for a problem to arise, we encourage you to schedule your dental checkup every six months, so we can keep a close watch on your oral health. The moment anything changes, we can detect an issue and offer treatment. This greatly increases your chances of a full recovery.


For over 15 years, Dr. Michele Collier and the talented professionals at Waterstone Family Dentistry have provided comfortable, compassionate dental care to patients of all ages from Fuquay Varina, NC, as well as Holly Springs, Angier, Willow Springs, Raleigh, and all surrounding communities. If you’d like to learn more, you can schedule a consultation with Dr. Collier by calling (919) 557-5250 today.

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