When to Seek TMJ Treatment

jawpainblondeOne of the things we look for during your preventive care checkups is jaw joint function. Many patients are aware that they are suffering from discomfort but do not necessarily know that their symptoms are associated with their jaws or that we can typically offer effective, non-invasive treatment. For individuals who suffer from discomfort surrounding their jaw joints or from daily headaches, we encourage you to learn more about TMJ treatment. By becoming more familiar with the symptoms of this concern, you may find that we can quickly guide you back toward daily comfort and ease of function.

When To Seek TMJ Treatment

  • If you suffer from chronic daily headaches or discomfort in surrounding areas that you have trouble explaining – such as your shoulders or your neck – we encourage you to seek TMJ treatment.
  • Another common symptom that patients do not recognize is connected with TMJ disorder is tinnitus – or ringing in the ears. This is a good signal to schedule a checkup and mention your concerns.
  • Whether you are speaking, eating, or simply gently moving your jaw, if your jaw seems to pop, click, grind, or make other sounds, visit us.
  • Another red flag is a jaw that temporarily locks. This happens most often when you are opening or closing your mouth and lasts for a moment before you are able to complete the motion.
  • You suffer from pain, tenderness, or soreness surrounding your TMJs. This may include your ears, jaw, and face.
  • Patients tired of feeling frustrated as a result of these symptoms who would like to return to daily comfort should speak with us about TMJ treatment. Our comfortable therapy will help protect your jaw joints, relieving stress, and protecting the long-term health of your oral cavity, so you can eat and speak comfortably.


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