Your Smile vs. Cavities—How to Prevent Tooth Decay

how to prevent tooth decayOut of the many threats that your dental health faces every day, cavities are the most common. Because your teeth can’t self-repair the holes, they may also be the most worrisome. Fortunately, although it affects the majority of adults in at least one of their teeth, the tooth decay that causes cavities is highly preventable with the right level of care and consistently-good hygiene. To explain how to prevent tooth decay and save your healthy smile, we explore the common causes of cavities and how to fight them.

Controlling the Causes of Cavities

You might recognize that sugar is a major threat where your teeth are concerned, but do you know exactly why? Along with starches and other carbohydrates, sugar feeds the oral bacteria that contribute to dental plaque. Through metabolization, these bacteria convert the substances into acids, which erode the enamel protecting your teeth, leaving teeth vulnerable to the infectious bacteria that cause tooth decay. Therefore, rather than simply restricting your sugar intake, the most effective way to prevent tooth decay is to control the bacteria responsible for attacking your teeth.

Diligent Attention and Quick Action

To maintain the upper hand on cavity-causing oral bacteria, be sure to keep your teeth and strong, and oral bacteria weak, with good hygiene and responsible snacking habits:

  • The general rule is to brush your teeth at least twice every day with a soft-bristled toothbrush, and to floss at least once. The consistent routine will help keep bacteria and plaque buildup under control.
  • If you can’t brush away bacteria after eating, then rinse away the food particles so they don’t hang around feeding the microbes. You’ll still have to brush your teeth as soon as you can, but hindering acid production will reduce the risks of enamel erosion until then.


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