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What is the Mouth-Body Connection?

Did you know that those with good oral health may have better overall health? How so? Well, studies suggest that patients with periodontitis (which is untreated gingivitis that transitions into ongoing inflammation ) may be at higher risk for heart disease and stroke. Pregnant women with gum disease may be more prone to pregnancy diabetes,… Read more »

Your Gum Disease FAQs

You may hear us speaking enthusiastically about your six-month visits and how dental cleanings help prevent gum disease. This does not mean, however, that you consider yourself someone who may become affected by gum inflammation. In fact, you may not really know what this disease is or why it occurs. Because preventing this problem is… Read more »

When to Seek TMJ Treatment

One of the things we look for during your preventive care checkups is jaw joint function. Many patients are aware that they are suffering from discomfort but do not necessarily know that their symptoms are associated with their jaws or that we can typically offer effective, non-invasive treatment. For individuals who suffer from discomfort surrounding… Read more »