Cosmetic Bonding

At Waterstone Family Dentistry, we offer bonding to enhance the appearance of the front teeth which  take center stage when one speaks or smiles. Who might benefit from bonding? Someone with small and narrow front teeth or someone with small spaces between the teeth or a person who has chipped teeth.

Cosmetic bonding using tooth-colored filling material can take the place of more involved procedures such as Invisalign or Veneers. Bonding can be done during a routine dental visit. Once the bonding material is placed on the tooth and shaped and contoured, it is then smoothed and polished until a shiny, glossy finish is achieved. The result is a beautiful restoration that bounces light off the surface just like your natural tooth does.

In addition to adding to teeth, we sometimes take away from teeth. This is known as Recontouring or Enameloplasty. This is done in a situation where one or more front teeth are slightly longer than the other teeth. The longer teeth are trimmed to blend in better with the others. Also, if you have jagged edges at the tips of your teeth, we can gently and lightly even those areas out until they are all level and at the same height. These minor tooth adjustments, which take little time, can make a dramatic difference in the esthetics of your smile.

If you have any of the above-mentioned tooth conditions and would like to discuss how we can enhance your smile, call us today for an appointment.

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