Full Dentures

Full dentures are made when a patient has lost all of their teeth in the arch, i.e., the upper row or lower row of teeth. Replacing the teeth with a complete denture allows patients to properly chew, it gives their lips a natural shape and fullness, and it enables them to speak clearly.

Dental Implants can be placed to support a denture. They are especially useful in patients whose full dentures slip when talking or  move around when eating. This type of appliance is known as an Overdenture. It is a set of teeth held in place by dental implants that is either permanently attached to the implants or able to be removed by the patient. Because they are more stable and secure than traditional dentures, you are not likely to get sore spots, and you will also find it easier to eat.


Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are made when only some of the teeth in the arch are missing. Their retention comes from the gum tissue and from clasps that encircle some of the remaining teeth. The clasps can be adjusted to make the partial  tighter or looser.  Partials can be made with or without metal and they can also be made of a thin but durable flexible material. And the clasps can be metal, tooth colored or gum colored. The flexible partials  blend into the gum tissue achieving a natural look. And they are  more stain and odor resistant than other materials.

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